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Monday, August 28, 2017

HorseMania 2010

In 2010, the city of Lexington and LexArts held a second edition special art event called HorseMania.  Previously held in 2000, the city decided to hold it again for the upcoming Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games the city was hosting that year.

The exhibit of the 84 Fiberglass horses lasted from July through November, including throughout the World Equestrian Games from September 26 - October 10.  Horses were arranged throughout downtown Lexington.  All four Sister Cities horses were displayed in Dudley Square and sponsored by Balatro Gallery.

Each city selected a design from an artist in their town that reflected their culture.  The artists were flown to Lexington and given studio space to create their HorseMania entry.

Karl Lagasse was selected as the artist from Deauville.  He has sold his artwork all over the world, including in France, London, Hong Kong and New York.  Mr. Lagasse's theme for his horse was "Normandy", the region in which Deauville is located.

His design included covering the horse with gold leaf to represent the prosperity that the horse industry has brought to Deauville.  The horse's other element is the Normandy flag.

Receptions and tours were held and planned by Lexington Sister Cities during Mr. Lagasse's stay.

His stay overlapped with the artist from Newmarket, Paula Wilson.

Proceeds from the auctioning of "Normandy" benefitted Lexington Sister Cities and the Kentucky Ballet Theatre.

Liza Kavanagh was the artist from County Kildare.  Her horse was called "Foluil".

Yoshihiro Hosokawa was the artist from Shinhidaka.  His horse was named "Nihon no Haru" which means "spring in Japan".

Paula Wilson was the artist from Newmarket.  Her horse was titled "Me and My Gal".

Pat Lawrence of Lexington created a horse depicting all of Lexington's Sister Cities.  The horse was aptly named "Sister Cities".

On December 3rd, 2010, the horses were auctioned off and the proceeds benefited the charities associated with each horse.  

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