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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Austin Wicker: My Time in Deauville

Austin Wicker participated in the 2017 Deauville Internship Program.  During July and August, he worked at the Deauville Tourism Office.

My Time in Deauville

When asked to write about my experience in Deauville, I was somewhat concerned. The time I spent there and the things I experienced are hard to describe. I have found it difficult to even just tell people stories, because I just wish I could take them and show them. My time in Deauville was my first time spending an extended amount of time in another country. This of course came with all of the expected struggles, such as figuring out where you live, getting used to work, and finding friends. But after only a short amount of time, I felt right at home. The people I lived with changed me forever. I made some of the greatest friends I will ever have in Deauville. They were kind, welcoming, and thoughtful. They took care of me, fed me (even when I had food) and always wanted to include me. They were nothing but good to me, and I will owe them my thanks for that forever.

The people I worked with were the same in all manners. They were kind and welcoming, and were always there to help. When my French started to lag behind, they slowed down and helped me understand. They were patient and encouraging, and because of that I was able to produce some amazing and productive work. I was given the opportunity to work with the public, practice my French in a professional setting, and do work that pertained directly to my major.

Deauville is a beautiful, breathtaking place. But the beauty I discovered inside of the people of our Sister City was even more breathtaking. I came there alone, a foreigner. But by the time I left, I felt as if I had lived there my whole life. Being there grew me as a person. It taught me how to tackle problems by myself, even when help sometimes wasn’t there. It taught me how to reach out and make friends and connections. It introduced me to different ways of living, of thinking, of being. It expanded my mind, and will forever be a part of who I am as I go on throughout my life.

Happiness is only achieved when shared with others. That, alongside my contact information, is what I wrote on the back of a picture I took with my two best friends I made there, Thomas and Phillipe. They have my information, and I have theirs. I intend to stay connected with them for the rest of my life. The beauty of a Sister City is that we will always be connected, even if we are thousands of miles apart. I owe my greatest thanks to the Sister Cities Commission of Lexington and to the Jumelage of Deauville for selecting me for this experience. I encourage all of those interested and capable of going to go. The experience you gain will grow you, and the people you meet will better you.

P.S. À tous mes amis à Deauville – cela fait plaisir. Je n’oublierai tu tous jamais. 

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